Extending fashion to your fingers and toes.  Our range of beauty treatments for your nails will leave you looking and feeling great.  From nail art, extensions, manicures and pedicures, right through to our luxury spa treatment, whatever your needs we'll have the treatment you want.

Price guide

The first hybrid
colour, on like a polish, instantly dries, totally chip proof. 14 days
high colour shine.Can be applied to fingers and toes.
Shellac colour, fingers or toes - £22.00
Shellac French, fingers or toes - £26.00
Shellac Soak off, fingers or toes - £12.00
Shellac custom manicure - £40.00
Shellac custom pedicure  - £40.00

Orly Gel FX
infused chip free manicure. Lasts up to 14days with superior shine and
easy removal. Fabulous colours from the Orly range.
Colour - £21.50
French - £25.50
Removal - £11.50

On the move manicure
Nails are shaped and polished with hand massage.
30 mins - £21.00

Custom Manicure
Includes a moisturizing cuticle soak and tidy, hand massage, shape and finished with nail polish.
45 mins - £30.00

Immaculate Manicure
cuticle soak and tidy, softening hand scrub, luxurious hand massage,
heated mitts, shape, shine, buff and finished with nail polish.
60 mins - £41.00
EXTRA French polish - £4.50

File & Polish, Fingers or toes
Nails are shaped and finished with nail polish.
15 mins £15.00

Custom Pedicure
Start with a relaxing foot soak, followed by a softening scrub, shape and finished with nail polish
45 mins - £31.00

Luxury Spa Pedicure
back and relax in our spa pedicure chair. We’ll soften, exfoliate,
knead and render your feet fabulous with our massage and heated boots,
finished with an application of nail polish.
1 hour 15 mins - £45.40
EXTRA French polish - £4.50

the best of liquid and powder, gel and fiber glass systems today, your
nails can be enhanced, corrected and strengthened to suite your needs
and lifestyle. Available in permanent, natural tip or natural overlays.
Acrylic extensions - £35.00
Acrylic overlays - £26.00
Full set of liquid & powder - £49.00
Single acrylic nail - £4.50
Maintenance infills - £22.50
Soak off full set of liquid & powder - £20.50

Biosculpture Gel Overlays
Full set of clear gel nails - £31.00
Full set of French gel nails - £39.00
Full set of colour gel nails - £39.00
Infills - £31.00
Soak off full set of nails - £23.00

Nail repair - £4 per nail with infills
Nail art available.