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Hair Treatments

Kerastase Ritual
Available at Lancaster and Preston Salons. All £10.00

Intense Nourishing Ritual
Treat very dry hair to this intensely nourishing ritual. Your hair will be deeply nourished, soft, supple and shiny.

Smoothing Ritual
Gain control of your frizzy hair with our advanced anti frizz formulation. Hair will be left tamed, smoothed and easy to manage.

Curl Defining Ritual
Treat your curls to this intense curl-creme, which will leave you with supple beautifully defined curls.

Volumising Ritual
Add volume info your fine hair, using an ultra light masque-creme. Your hair will be left with long lasting volume.

Fortifying Ritual
Reconstructing masque for brittle, very damaged hair and split ends.

For all methods of extensions, a consultation must take place with one of our extension specialists and they will be able to advise on the correct extensions for your hair type and needs.
Micro-Weft - £65.00
La Weave - £65.00
Braided-Weft - £65.00
Micro-ring individuals - £185.00
Micro-ring maintenance - £100.00
Pre bond - £185.00
Pre bond maintenance - £100.00

Racoon Extensions
Full head - £250.00
Half head - £150.00
Maintenance - £90.00

Chemical Straightening
Xtenso Moisturist creates a straighter, smooth, natural looking finish to achieve the Brazilian straightening look. Perfect to achieve tamed volume, to control frizz or an easier blow dry lasts up to 60 days.
Full Head - From £150.00
Partial Head/Fringe - on quotation

Non-Chemical Straightening
Kerastraight. Transform your hair with our latest innovations in straightening and repair. Our ground breaking range of treatments are now more powerful, easier and quicker than ever.
Full Head - From £100.00
Full Head with take home after care product - £125.00
Partial Head/Fringe - on quotation