Omni holistic therapies

Now in the LANCASTER Salon

 Omni Therapies is a brand new massage studio at the Jo & Cass Lancaster Salon. It offers a place to escape the daily pressures of life to help recharge through the healing benefits of massage. 
Omni's treatment list is carefully crafted with the individual in mind. Customise your treatment by adding extra time or enhancements to take your treatment to the next level.
We offer lots more therapies than listed here. For a full breakdown of all our services and prices, hop over to our website at: 

Price guide

Holistic Massages

Each massage is bespoke to you with the intention of rejuvenating & increasing well-being. Back, neck & shoulders £30, Full Body £45

The Signature (Deep Tissue) £30/£45
Our ‘go to’ massage using deep tissue techniques to help relieve tension and ease muscle tightness. A firm massage yet still relaxing. 

 The Calm £30/£45

Relax and unwind with light to medium pressures inspired by Hawaiian ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage. Using various rhythmic massage techniques to help balance the mind, instil harmony & well-being.

The Stretch £30/£45

 For the Athlete in mind, this sports inspired massage uses deep tissue techniques along with gentle stretches to improve range of motion whilst reducing recovery time. Perfect for post or pre event training.


Other Treatments

Hot Stone Massage £35/£50

Using heated volcanic basalt stones to massage the body. Helps ease muscle tightness, increases circulation & improves flexibility whilst promoting relaxation. 

Back, neck & shoulders - £35

Full body - £5

Prenatal Glow £30/£45

For expectant mothers in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. Help relieve tension, swelling, soothe nerves & enhances calmness. 

Back, neck & shoulders £30

Full body £45


Dry Cupping £35/£50/£65

Involves placing suction cups on the body which draws the myofascial layer of the muscle upwards. The pressure increases blood flow to the area which promotes healing by repairing cells & forming new connective tissue. Whilst improving range of movement & may help reduce pain. 

Back, neck & shoulders - £35

Full body - £50

Full body (extra time) - £65


Indian Head Massage £35

Working on the upper back to address knots & overall posture whilst releasing tension that has built up in the muscles & joints. Includes an invigorating head, face & scalp massage.