The Clinic

We have a female Nurse who holds regular clinic sessions to perform anti-wrinkle relaxing injections and fillers. Semi-Permanent make-up is also available and is great for eyebrows, lip and eyeliner enhancement.
Please see reception for dates, bookings are recommended as availability is limited.

Price guide

Deep exfoliating facial treatment, no patch test required
45min - £40.00

Permanent IPL & Laser Hair Reduction
Intense Pulsed Light and Laser treatment permanently reduces unwanted hair. As the laser is passed over the area being treated, the hairs are destroyed at the root reducing further growth leaving a silky smooth feel on even sensitive skin. It is non invasive, treatments are quick and results are seen in just a few sessions.
20% OFF all courses of 6 booked.
Consultation - 45min FREE
Between the eyebrows - 15min £20.00
Top lip - 15min £30.00
Chin - 15min £50.00
Top lip and Chin - 30min £70.00
Underarms - 30min £60.00
Half arms - 30min £45.00
Full arms - 60min £80.00
Half back - 45min £120.00
Full back - 120min £180.00
Chest - 60min £100.00
Chest and abdomen - 75min £180.00
Bikini line - 30min £60.00
Extended bikini line or Brazilian - 45min £80.00
Stomach - 30min £40.00
Hollywood - 60min £100.00
Upper leg - 45min £120.00
Lower leg - 60min £120.00
Full leg - 120min £220.00
Full leg and bikini - 130min £250.00
Toes and feet - 30min £40.00

IPL Pigmentation Removal
Pigmentation lesions such as age spots or freckles can be successfully lightened or removed with Laser or Intense Pulse LIght. This treatment is non-invasive and is suitable for face and body.
Consultation and patch test - £20.00
Per 15 minute treatment £50.00

Skin Rejuvenation
Intense Pulsed light Skin Rejuvenation offers a solution for all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage such as brown spots (pigmentation), redness and uneven skin texture.
Consultation and patch test - FREE
Face - £100.00
Decollate - £70.00
Face and decollate - £150.00

Skin Tightening
This is a non invasive, non surgical process that uses Radiofrequency. The skin is gently heated promoting accelerated collagen production to tighten the skin. This will improve skin tone, texture and elasticity, helping to reduce fine lines and cellulite.
Consultation and patch test - FREE
Face - £50.00
Face and decollate - £65.00
Thighs and buttock - £50.00
Upper arms - £45.00

Thread Vein Removal
Intense Pulsed light and Laser treatment can help reduce damaged veins and capillaries on the legs and facial area.It can also provide a long term solution to facial problems such as red flushing (Rosacea)..
Acne can be effectively treated with intense pulsed light, greatly reducing the number and severity of active lesions. This treatment also reduces inflammation and frequency of break outs.
Consultation and patch test - £20.00
Per 15 minute treatment - £50.00